. It was special because :
A team composed of an architect, an engineer,
a heating engineer and also people interested in living in that building had be set up.
. It was something new. The fact that future owners
were inclused in the team.
. We had 3 couples for 3 flats and office on the ground floor.
. The project is located in an old area of Strasbourg and is submitted to the control of the ‘ABF’.
. The north facing façade has small openings.

. An envelope made of wood length covers the north facing façade as well as the roof.
. The wooden frame has 18 cm insulation (wood fibre in the walls) and has outside 6 cm of denser wood fibre.
. There are 30 cm wood fibre on the roof.
. The south facing façade is open with two glass walls for solar gain and has a green roof/
. There is a dual-flow mechanical ventilation.
. The little necessary heating is done thanks domestic gas.

.The building energy consumption is 50 Kwh/m2/year = French label (BBC Effinergie).

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